Zoning your front of house area


As casual working is now firmly established in our culture, it is very common for people to use front of house areas for working at laptops, holding meetings as well of course, as taking a break for eating and drinking! So these areas need to suit multiple purposes.

Creating different zones can help create the right atmosphere for the task in hand, whether it’s grabbing a quick bite or settling down for an hour of serious work, ensuring the area is functional and occupied throughout the day.


Innovative ‘screens’ or booths provide privacy and encourage people to have meetings and use the area outside of main dining times.

How about a ‘living wall’? Or perhaps a neat shelving unit to provide an artisan feel to a room ‘divider’ – there are many alternatives to the ‘old standard screen’!




There are many attractive options, but it’s important to think about who is using it, and for what purpose.

Tables and benches look great, but are best with a young demographic (think under 30)
Large table with banquette seating around (think ‘bum shuffle when you want to get out if you’re stuck in the middle!)
Booths are really popular but beware too dense upholstery which can make the booth hot and claustrophobic and make sure the lighting in it is strong enough!


Things to remember

  • Large round tables with banquette seating around it will rarely be fully utilised. No-one likes having to ask people to move and ‘bum shuffle’ out (see pic)
  • Power! When putting new seating in, use the kick plinths to run a 13 amp circuit (and any data if necessary)
  • Sound – flooring should be not only non-slip but be able to soften (not reflect) noise. Care should be taken if wishing to use tiles or natural wood
  • Lighting – beware of going for décor/style over ‘lumes’ – you need to be able to see. Great lighting can enhance an area and create atmosphere when done correctly.

If you’d like to get a quote or simply talk over an upcoming project, get in touch – we’d love to help you!

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