Variety is the spice of life


Media MoleculeWhat a week of contrasts we’ve had!

First stop, a funky video game company… Imagine a job where you get free monthly massages, they host parties for your family once a month and the fridges are stocked with magnums of champagne!  That’s Media Molecule!  Their building designer worked with Michael and Cathy over 4 years ago – when he was looking for a kitchen designer to think ‘outside the box’ for this wacky company he went on line to find them and Cathy visited this week!  Cathy is thrilled to be working with them and OBD.

Next up, a boys’ preparatory school. “Felt like coming home” – were the words Cathy used as she joined the consultant from ISCC, the bursar, the head cook, the headmaster’s wife and her two sons for lunch to discuss future work at Caldicott school. Quite a challenge to make a space in the performing arts building into an end kitchen for functions and also a training kitchen for the students to learn basic cookery – that’ll test the grey matter!

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