Transform your toast


We all know Cathy is dedicated to the job, even on her holidays. A couple of years ago, she sat for a full hour watching the toast being made at a Premier Inn in Birmingham. She explains:

“EACH time it toasted perfectly – first time, every time. I was intrigued as everybody knows that this is almost impossible to achieve when people fiddle with the settings. I investigated the toaster and found that once set up you could put a knob cover over the controls and nobody knew they were there!”

We now supply these, and they’re really popular. We have just had an order for 2 more for Eton College which makes THREE that they’ve ordered.

They’re perfect for environments like schools where people make their own toast. The key is the ‘anti-tamper knob cover’ which prevents interference.

If you’d like one, get in touch – it will transform your toast!

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