The race is on!


When we started WilcoxBurchmore back in 2011, we were approached by a rally driving team who were looking for sponsorship. Joff Haigh was the founder of the team, and he runs The Pokey Hole, a venue for live music, especially tribute bands.

Cathy with fellow sponsors Talon in 2013

As a keen music fan Cathy was keen to support them and it just so happens that her favourite Eagles tribute band, Talon were also sponsors.

It tied in very nicely with the fact they were a ‘start up’ and so was WilcoxBurchmore.

Now 6 years later, we’ve all come a long way! The Pokey Hole Rally Team started off in a beaten up Nova – they’re now driving a Subaru Impreza and are in the top 5 in the country when it comes to rally driving. Joff says:

We’re very grateful to WilcoxBurchmore. Without their help we couldn’t have got to the number 5 position and we’ve been really pleased to see them growing as a business as we’ve been making our way up the rankings.

Although Cathy & Michael aren’t driving around in Subaru’s, the business has taken off and they now employ 3 colleagues, have an expanding customer base and have increased their annual turnover year on year since they began. (It has to be said that both ‘teams’ have put in a significant amount of work to achieve this!)

This weekend, the Pokey Hole team are in the Isle of Man for the Poker Stars Rally. Manx Auto Sport have put together a tough but compact route of 17 special stages.  Friday night will see  8 stages, with a further 9 stages on Saturday, this event will prove a real challenge to the crews.

We have every faith in the Pokey Hole team – go boys!

Fellow sponsors, the Talon guys taking their WilcoxBurchmore rucksack on tour!
The original Nova
Pokey Hole rally car
Today’s Subaru Impreza
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