Some good finds …

Stackable bar stool
1. Stackable bar stool

We like to share good things whenever possible, and while we’ve been out and about, we’ve spotted several innovative and interesting pieces of equipment. Here are some of our favourites:

1. These new bar stools are good value, and DIFFERENT.

2. The hot/cold trolley is ideal when transporting food outside (ie from one kitchen to another on a large site such as a school). Its really sturdy and CAN be motorised! One of the most manoeuvrable I found (I was steering it with one had around Hotelympia and not knocking into people!)

3. This oven is actually medium duty – the best range in our opinion on the market, gas top with efficient burners and CONVECTION oven under! What’s not to like!

4. A 4 glass sided counter top hot display that has adjustable shelves which can be any height and also angled!

5. An induction top that can fit UNDER a Corian top.  So you can have lovely sideboard unit in say a meeting room and this becomes a hot buffet counter at a flick of switch when required.


hot cold trolley
2. hot cold trolley
medium duty convection oven
3. medium duty convection oven
2. counter top hot display
4. counter top hot display
3. induction top
5. induction top
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