With experience in many different types of building including historical schools, modern office blocks, listed buildings WilcoxBurchmore are old hands at dealing with the challenges each of these environments can bring. Narrow doorways, steep staircases, limited access … all of these challenges can be overcome with a bit of determination and clever thinking.

Commercial Vision

Michael can spot opportunities that are potentially being missed. For example, he realised that by splitting the coffee bar from the sandwich bar on one project, the queue would be minimised and people would not be put off by having to wait.


Who would have thought it’s possible to get excited about a knob on a toaster? Cathy can! It’s all the small details that genuinely make a difference to the end user that matter. A tamper-proof knob cover on a conveyor belt style toaster means perfect toast every time. On a larger scale, making sure a 5.9m dishwasher fits into exactly a tight wash-up areas is a ‘hold your breath’ moment, but the exhilaration when it all works makes the job one to be proud of.

Our Specialisation

Our specialist areas are education (both private and state schools as well as universities) and business and industry.


Over the years we have worked in modern new state schools, traditional historical boarding schools, smart universities and everything in between. From giving the kitchen a makeover to a complete overhaul of the servery including new flooring, walls and counters we love making a difference to the everyday lives of the people who work in these environments as well as the students who seem to enjoy the food more when the presentation is upgraded.

Business & Industry

Businesses that offer on-site catering often face an uphill struggle, competing against the offerings on the high street. Our objective is to help you create an environment that office staff will want to use and enjoy, whether it’s for casual meetings over a coffee or a full day meal service, starting with breakfast.

We provide the best service in the industry

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