Service – the crucial element


waiter imageNo matter how good the product, if the service you receive isn’t good – your overall experience and satisfaction are diminished.

We had a lunch appointment today and were served by a miserable waiter who didn’t smile ONCE, didn’t know the menu and who only brought the drinks list when asked, then reminded.

The food WAS actually delicious, and well presented but the miserable, desultory service would mean we’d not return.  I will mention the restaurant chain – Miller & Carter and they class themselves as an upmarket steak restaurant so guys – get your staff smiling, well trained and motivated!

The brings me onto ‘what makes WB different’ – well it’s the service we give.  Michael and I treat every customer, at every interaction with the utmost care and consideration.  Its been remarked upon, how friendly we are from a bit of banter with the security guys on the gate to a genuine wish for a good weekend to the company’s receptionist on a Friday.  Being happy and pleasant to people actually makes OUR job better

I always remember a great maxim learnt from the Vice Chancellor of Surrey University many moons ago

“You WIN business on a) price b) quality c) service

But you LOSE business on a) service b) quality and c) price

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