Office catering – in or out?


We read with interest this recent article in Foodservice Equipment Journal about the Bloomberg offices’ decision to NOT have a proper catering facility in house, preferring instead to get staff heading out of the office at lunchtime.

Mr Bloomberg said that the communal “pantry” area on the sixth floor of the building will supply coffee and snacks such as porridge pots but not lunch “because I want people to get out and enjoy the local economy.”

Our experience is that with the proclivity of ‘agile seating’ in offices now, we’ve found the need for a staff catering facility (which doubles up as a relaxed and informal meeting area) even MORE important for our clients. Providing space for employees to eat in peace, or meet a colleague over lunch offers a sense of community within the building.

As well as our own clients using the catering outlet as an alternative place to meet up or do some work, Google’s UK headquarters has chosen this route and provided multiple options for staff to choose from, including juice and smoothie bars, live Asian cooking, pizzas and more. It couldn’t be a more different approach.

If 4,000 Bloomberg employees are heading out to pick up lunch, how many of them will bring food back to their desks with all the associated smells? We wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking to free up some space to install a proper eating area with a year!

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