New trends in school dining


I was chatting to industry colleagues at Ready Steady cook and we all agreed that food in schools is undergoing radical changes. Think Mexican (fajitas, churros and burritas) Pan Asian (Udo noodles, pak choi and miso soup) and modern salad serving ideas (such as Chopp’d in the city)
Its up to us at WilcoxBurchmore to make sure we can find for our clients, the correct equipment both to cook this food and to showcase it.
Michael and I are already looking at items such as ‘Clam Grills’ that allow the cooks to healthily griddle 20 chicken breasts at one time – keeping flavour and moistness without adding oil; mmm tasty sessions checking this one out.
Also we’re looking at HOT grab’n’go – seeing how we can shopfit these in so they don’t look ugly but show luscious food that easy for the students to help themselves too,
Exciting times ahead!

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