New ideas for food presentation and preparation


It’s been a very foodie week this week. We’ve been doing the rounds at a couple of events and conferences, finding out about all sorts of new ways of doing things.

We’ve been hearing all about Food Porn (!) with the #Foodology experiment. A breakfast meeting at The Telegraph’s digital offices offered the chance to try a strawberry, banana and basil smoothie which was delicious, and we heard about the psychology behind taking photos of food and sharing them on social media. You can find out more on twitter using the hashtag #SMWFoodPsych

Breakfast meeting

We really liked this new ‘steamed food’ concept from That’s Vapore – baskets of delicious looking fresh food, ready to be steamed for the optimum health benefit. How about chicken with fresh vegetables and chickpeas served on a bed of spicy couscous? Have a look at their facebook page for some more great pictures.

Steamed baskets

We’ve also discovered a super quick grill – ideal for rustling up paninis, focaccias and sandwiches as well as steak, chicken and fish.

grill image

Contact us for more details and to find out how you can introduce these new ideas into your catering operation.

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