Networking know-how


Many of us know we should network and understand the benefits, but find it daunting nevertheless. Cathy and Michael went to an event recently with a networking expert providing excellent advice on how to overcome those worries and network with ease. Some of the tips he shared included:

Hate walking into a crowded room?  Get there EARLY – it also helps settle any nerves.

Wear your name badge on the right hand side of your chest – that way, as you’re shaking hands you can read their name easily.

Be a “straggler” – you’ve already invested the time to get there and mingle, make the most of the last minutes as the competitions quickly leaves, that one special contact could well be amongst those left – (note especially the speaker who’ll be packing up)

It was really informative and we both left feeling eager to put our new found skills into practice.

Would you be interested in such an event?

We are thinking of hosting one subject to interest. There would be a small cost to cover expenses. If you’d like to hear more email

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