Keeping an open mind


tagine imageWise words from Cathy on keeping an open mind …

I’ve never liked Tagine – for as long as I’ve remembered it’s a ‘no-no’ in my otherwise quite ambitious eating experiences. Well that’s all changed – visiting a site for a refurb yesterday, the chef plated up a plate of Tagine from the “Pop up Tagine Table” complete with cous-cous and vegetables.  Now I couldn’t turn this down as I looked at his beaming and expectant face so I took a tentative bite. WOW, what an absolute delight;  spicy slightly hot lamb that melted in the mouth with sweet potatoes, carrot ribbons; served with cous-cous bejewelled with pomegranate seeds and raisins.

I’ve clearly been missing out as I didn’t challenge my own perceptions sufficiently.

This is WHY we always welcome sales people coming in to talk to us about new products as we can then see if they’re applicable for OUR clients.  We only ask that our clients keep open minds.  For example, the latest combi microwaves are a world away from the standard microwave, and really can be the workhorse in a café bar.

And the reason for Cathy’s visit yesterday? The chef produced this incredible dish from a 2 ring hob, a single induction hob and a table top convection oven;  here’s to Wilcox Burchmore designing a facility that will give him as much WOW factor as he does his customers.

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