How’s your logo knowledge?


This time last week, it was one of our favourite events of the year, the ACE Quiz, organised by the Association of Catering Excellence. It brings together over 200 people from across the foodservice industry and WilcoxBurchmore sponsored one of the quiz rounds, which gave us an opportunity to get creative. Obviously we weren’t able to take part in our own round, but you can If you want to have a go! How many of these logos do you recognise?

(Answers below so scroll down to see how you did …)










  1. Convotherm
  2. Falcon
  3. Electrolux
  4. Lincat
  5. Meiko
  6. Metcalfe
  7. Brita
  8. Rational
  9. Robotcoupe
  10. Parry


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