Hospital & school visits … all in the line of work


We’ve had an interesting and varied week this week. We started off in Norfolk with some catering consultants. Our task was to produce an overview of the catering department at a Kings Lynn hospital. Although WilcoxBurchmore’s input was largely about the equipment, Cathy especially enjoyed this project thanks to her experience in hospital catering and patient feeding, and was able to add some valuable insights. The catering manager has been there 44 years and the head chef 22, so a lot of combined experience – let’s hope they are open to change too.

school diningThen we had a meeting on site at a London school with a lovely Yorkshireman, Mick Shephard from Contract Furniture Specialists who has a unique way of working. After scanning the room he shuts his eyes and says “Hold on, I’m having ‘a moment’.” and up pops the solution in his head. We’re looking forward to seeing his ideas!

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