Efficiency in the kitchen


At WilcoxBurchmore we have efficiency in mind when putting your kitchen design together. As any chef will tell you it’s no good having to walk around the kitchen, bumping into people to get from one piece of equipment to another. Everything needs to be on hand.

Hayden Groves, executive chef at BaxterStorey is quoted in this article from Foodservice Equipment Journal …

“I try to run a kitchen like a formula one pitstop,” he explains. “To streamline service and create an efficient kitchen, chefs should be able to access everything they need in no more than a few steps. If a chef has to rummage through a pile of stainless steel just to reach a spoon, then the kitchen is not running efficiently. It’s the little things that really make a difference, saving ten seconds on every job can have a huge cumulative impact.”

  That’s great advice that we wholeheartedly agree with!

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