Cause for celebrations


Awards imageIt’s been a week of celebrations at WilcoxBurchmore. It started off with a fabulous party to celebrate a landmark birthday for Cathy, attended by a dazzling array of friends, family, colleagues and suppliers. The big surprise element was a marriage proposal – Cathy is now engaged! And as if that wasn’t enough, this week we’ve won an exciting new contract outside of our usual geographical area – we’re spreading our wings to Nottingham.

It’s a great feeling when a client recommendation results in a new project and that’s exactly what happened here. Due to the sterling job that Michael did at a City office building earlier this year, the Mechanical & Engineering consultants recommended WilcoxBurchmore for this hospital project that they’re involved in. After submitting reports and proposals, we were delighted to hear that we were successful earlier this week. We’re especially pleased that the client has involved a consultant from the outset which will ensure that all the requirements will be taken into account at the planning stage so that our design will really fit the bill.

We’ll keep you posted as the project progresses. Have a great weekend!

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