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Cathy and Michael understand that they will often be working ‘behind the scenes’ and it is their intention to make the project run as smoothly as possible and to make you look good! They really take care to understand how the space will be used, and how best to arrange the space for maximum effectiveness. You may have ideas of your own or you may want a completely new concept. Whether it’s a ‘freshening up’ of the front of house staff restaurant, new flooring in a busy kitchen or a total turnkey package, each job is truly unique and approached with energy and enthusiasm that has become the trademark of WilcoxBurchmore.

Working mainly in London and the Home Counties, their professional team of specialists ensure an excellent job is done each time with tight and efficient project management which means you can relax in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of.

When any job is finished it is inevitable that you may have some queries or niggles. You’ll find the aftercare is excellent with any service call dealt with thoroughly.

Creating attractive, hard-working environments for cooking and eating in schools and workplaces.

Our story

Cathy and Michael met whilst working together in 2011. Both with different specialities, they realised their skills were complementary and that they shared the same values and ethos. They decided to take the plunge and set up WilcoxBurchmore and have successfully grown the business year on year since then, adding to the team as they’ve got bigger.

They enjoy working on small refurbishment jobs on a limited budget as well as the big, turnkey jobs.  Each comes with a different set of challenges that keep them motivated to find the right outcome to create a space that works hard as well as looking fabulous.

Cathy is proud of the repeat business that she has attracted over the years and feels that this is the true mark of success. With Michael’s innovation in spatial design, they’ve formed the winning team!


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Managing Director

“My first experience of catering was a Saturday job in a cafe in Southampton where I can still draw out the kitchen, wash-up and still room design! Having now worked in catering design for over 20 years, I put into practice all the elements I think make a successful project.

Every job is different and each client is special and that passion shows in our resolute determination to make the process enjoyable and the result spectacular!”

Co Founder & Director

“I have worked in various aspects of the catering industry including being a waiter, a chef and running a bar whilst studying my spatial design degree at university. Combining my two passions of cooking and design makes many of the projects we work on an enjoyable and fulfilling process.

With my experience in both the catering and design industry, I can utilize a space to make the finished project both practical and efficient, by creating fresh ideas and pushing boundaries”.

What We Offer

Pride and Passion

We are not just passionate about what we do, we are very proud of it too. Although many of the projects we work on cannot be publicly shared, we can show you examples and put you in touch with many happy customers.

Design innovation

Michael has a magical gift. He can take a scribbled drawing from an initial briefing meeting and turn it into a carefully considered, fully formed plan! He has the vision to turn an ordinary space into a truly remarkable one, and anticipates and avoids potential pinch points.

Competency and Quality

With catering backgrounds spanning many years on both sides of the counter, both Cathy & Michael understand the demands of the kitchen and are real geeks when it comes to equipment and choosing the best kit for purpose.

We provide the best service

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