A weekend transformation on a tight budget


Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference. Much as we love to get our teeth into a big project like Abingdon or Central Hall, we enjoy the impact a few carefully applied changes can make too.

We recently transformed a tired and dreary café at a London based data centre into an inviting and vibrant coffee bar on a very tight deadline and budget. The chef was producing some amazing food, but the delivery just wasn’t doing it justice.

Cafe before
Onsite cafe not fulfilling its potential



Whether we are working on a big project or a small one, the same principles apply … what is the challenge, and what is the solution?

The challenge

Our client, a contract caterer, wanted to offer their client a new style of service for their staff restaurant, but had a limited budget. The job needed to be completed over a weekend with just £5,000 to spend.

The solution

Drawing on our experience and skills, we considered the best way to spend the budget for maximum impact. We suggested a strong feature wall reflecting the brand colours of the coffee provision, and clever lighting to freshen up and illuminate the counters, drawing the eye to the service area.

With the addition of some carefully selected small appliances, the flow and speed of customer service was improved and the new style coffee bar was ready to go.

The result was extremely well received and the client could not believe that this transformation could be so impactful in so little time with a budget of only £5k.

If you’re looking for a quick makeover, get in touch. A weekend’s work could increase spend in no time at all!


Coffee bar after

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