70 year old trolley still going strong


We’ve just finished a refurbishment at Hoe Bridge school, working very closely with the architect and M&E contractors and a fabulous team of builders who created the dining hall extension. This stunning new servery incorporates a clean, uncluttered line of counters with drop down lights. We put a VarioCooking Centre in the kitchen for maximum flexibility and ease of cooking, along with a Hobart conveyor dishwasher. To the client’s delight, we were able to re-purpose their old dishwasher so they can use it as a pot wash.

When putting the kitchen back together at the end of the project, we discovered this gem!

Cathy reports:

“Blow me down, we found this trolley on the day we were putting all the kit back in the kitchen. It sparked my interest as I used to be General Manager of Staines Catering when it was in Southall (with a branch in Soho, in Brewer Street) and after a bit of digging I found that it moved FROM Victoria Street in 1949 so the trolley is at least 70 years old.    This is truly the oldest piece of equipment I have ever come across.”

Clive Abbott (the bursar) says:

“It must have come from the previous schools that they amalgamated. It’s in use every day and I reckon will last for many more years to come. That’s quality craftsmanship for you!”

Wilcox Burchmore worked closely with the school to produce a stunning new servery and super-efficient kitchen

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